When is the “Right time” your spouse should see you bare faced?

Laura was ecstatic; Tom, the cute quarterback from her english class, had finally asked her out on a date. Things went well, but, two years into the relationship and Tom still hadn’t seen Laura completely bare faced. Without makeup.


Because Laura felt that Tom would find her less attractive, less appealing.

“I used to wear makeup everyday and Tom initially became attracted to me like that. With all of these beautiful women on social media and on magazines, it’s tough. It’s tough to live up to today’s beauty standards. I sleep with my make up on,” Laura admitted.

And sadly, Laura is one out of many women who feel that makeup makes them beautiful and that they’d be less attractive or not attractive at all, bare faced. We live in a beauty obsessed society where unfortunately, women get judged left and right. with or without makeup, women get judged.

“Look at her, she’s pretty, BUT only with all of that cake on her face.”


“Look at her, lets slap something on her face.”

My insight: I believe that sure, everyone, man or woman, should make an attempt to look well put together as often as they can because it’s good for their self esteem and people will approach them differently. Especially around a spouse, don’t ever fall into the “Too comfortable” category. You always want to look a little done up around your spouse just to make them feel appreciated, do it for them and for yourself. Act as if you first started dating. I’m not implying that women should wear ten pounds of makeup, but that everyone likes someone well groomed and put together. Man or woman.
And the thought of sleeping in with your makeup every night just so your spouse doesn’t see you with makeup is pure ridiculousness. He’s eventually going to see you without it… just always remember to embrace your natural beauty and that the way the media portrays women is fake. Do whatever makes YOU happy, most importantly. And if the thought of going completely bare faced gives you the chills, start with removing a little at a time.

What’s your insight?

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