What is love

Mr.Byrdon stopped talking, he looked me in the eyes, and squinted before fixating his thick glasses on the bridge of his rather wise nose.
“Do you really wanna know what love is, Elsa?” He asked.
“Yes sir, I do,” I said.
A gust of wind flew above us, some colorful leaves hurled by.
“Well then. Here we go.” Mr. Byrdon cleared his wrinkly throat:

“Love. It’s a simple word, yet such a broad term that rolls out of everybody’s tongues. This beautiful word holds many different meanings followed by experiences. It has no language, no exact meaning; it is shared by every living creature. In every culture, in history, in animals, love exists. It’s everywhere you look and keeps the world going. I believe that love is the superpower of all emotions and has the capability of wiping any and every other emotion out. Love destroys some. Love cures some. Love tortures and taunts others. Love changes everything forever, even a glimpse or a taste of it. People fall in love with voices, locks of hair, hands or feet, a nice pair of eyes, or a touching heart. The list goes on; the blind man and the deaf man fall in love. Children fall in love, criminals fall in love, and the list goes on. It’s sweet, bittersweet. Ask anyone why or how they fell in love and they’ll try to come up with an answer, but even they don’t understand the depth of it. Some people will tell you that they don’t know why.Love is selfless, requires endurance , and patience. Love is being able to risk putting your hand in a jar full of thorns, hoping to come out with a flower, but still accepting all of the cuts.Loving someone means accepting them as a whole, no matter what. You love them for their most vibrant selves, but you love them more for their most darkest parts.
You love from afar if you have too because loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re yours. As a matter of fact, no one is ever yours, even when you’re in a relationship. Loving someone is understanding that you’re loving a free spirit, an individual that has survived before and will survive after you. Loving someone is being completely vulnerable and allowing that person to see every side of you, every angle. The good, the bad, and the ugly despite knowing that they could leave and rip your heart out at any moment. You still love them, even if they do leave. You still love them, even when they shred your heart to pieces, even when they do cause your spirit to melt in agony. Sometimes, love is when you love someone from afar, without them ever being yours. You just watch that person and wish them the world, you want them to be the happiest person in the universe, even if it means that their accompanied by someone else’s warmth rather than by yours. Love is when you’re willing to give this person your heart, your spirit, your soul, your happiness.
Love is literally being able to die for this person, it’s a powerful wave, the most powerful wave anyone can ever and will ever experience.
The sound of their voice gives you butterflies.
The smile on their face melts your heart.
The tears that stream down their face sting more than any form of physical pain imaginable.
The smell of their perfume makes you smile.
And the thought of them being unhappy kills you a little.
Love is more than any words could put it; you simply cannot explain it, but I promise you that love is what keeps this world going forward.
Nothing exists like love. Nothing. It’s mans weakness. I’ve loved and I’ve been crushed, but I’d get crushed a million times if it means getting able to experience that same woman’s love over and over again. Because I live and I breathe for her. And I will never regret loving her, ever.”
I cupped my mug of coffee, tears in my eyes.
“That’s was beautiful, Mr. Byrdon,” I said. “May I please have a moment.”
“Sure thing lad,” he said, a distant look present on his face.
I rushed to the restroom and by the time I returned, I found Mr.Byrdon sound a sleep with what appeared to be a smile on his face. It sent chills down my spine.
I smiled and pulled his blanket up for him while thinking that the woman that he loved, was indeed, the luckiest woman in the world.

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