The Best Part Of Me

I don’t care for riches, fast cars, or fancy restaurants

My heart doesn’t desire a nice view or a trip on a yacht

So long as I have you beside me

So long as I feel the warmth of your skin against mine

And fight comfort and solace at night by the sound of your beating heart, my lullaby

I will hold your hand through all of life’s hardships

I will cry with you, perhaps even more

I will celebrate your happiness and continually pray for that smile to spread across your face

Consider me a part of you because you are a piece of me

I love every fiber of your being and more

I don’t care for the finer things in life because you are the finest life has given me

No matte where we lay,

i’m the happiest

and the wealthiest,

so long as you lay with me

You are the finest to me; you are the best part of me

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