When I first saw her, I didn’t even notice her. She was just another ordinary girl. Plus, I was too caught up in my studies to worry about a girl. But then, something incredible happened. One random day, I noticed her dimpled smile, it lit the entire room up. It was magnetic, like christmas lights. I felt as though her smile put the sun to shame. Not only did her smile catch my attention, but the way her eyes twinkled as well. She was genuinely happy and it was contagious. Soon enough, I caught myself randomly smiling…at everything. The more time I spent with her, the more her smile added color to my once black and white life. But not only her smile, I was falling in love with her as a person. The way her hair fell so perfectly on her tiny shoulders. The way she giggled with her nose scrunched up. The way she drank her coffee. The way she wrote, her wrist moving a certain way. I caught myself falling in love, not with her, but her soul, her character; I caught myself falling in love with everything about her that you had to dig deep to see. She was magnetic. She was gentle. She became my mornings and my nights. She was present in all of my dreams. I craved her more and more with each passing day. My heart expanded as my love blossomed for her like roses during spring. I couldn’t imagine a life without her; I let her in on my deepest and my darkest secrets. I was completely naked, I exposed all of my ugly sides to her as well as all of my weaknesses. I trusted her and soon enough, I realized that she was everything that I ever wanted and it scared me..
One cold morning, I woke up with a twisted feeling in my stomach. A knot. I felt uncomfortable. I stepped outside and glared at the gray, swollen clouds above me. They looked as though they were about to explode and cry. I felt even more sick. I rushed to her. I had to see her. I arrived at her house; her mother opened the door, her face expressionless. She looked like a still corpse, the life drained out of her.
I soon found out that the girl with the smile, the one who added color to my life,was no more. A car accident had taken her away from me.
I dropped to the floor and cried out with so much pain that i’ve never felt before. And even though I got back up, My heart remained on that very floor I had dropped on. My search for that smile was endless and will remain endless for it is simply irreplaceable.

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