bleeding heart

I feel the pain, deep down within my bones. My chest feels numb, my thoughts unclear. A fog has formed in my brain, paralyzing my ability to think straight. A dark shadow has settled comfortably underneath my skin and has made itself at home. I bite my lower lip, it exasperates at first until the pain is no more. I feel empty, my heart aching. The sound of your laughter echoes in my ears , louder and louder. I try so hard to mute it, but I can’t. Everywhere I turn, you’re present. My heart bleeds, a feel of emptiness forms within me with each passing day away from you. My body yearns your presence, it screams out for you. It needs you more than the dark nights need the moon and more than the earth needs the sun. My days are everlasting for sleep has escaped me. I stay up screaming at the stars for you, hoping that a shooting star will hear my wish and return you to me. Dreams of you haunt me, causing me to awaken, drenched in sweat. Though you’re physically no longer, I am gone as much as you are; I am nothing but a walking corpse. With you, you dragged my soul along. You sucked the life out of me; slowly, yet painfully. And even though you didn’t intend on leaving this cold world, I am angry at you. My heart continues to bleed; everyday, I suffer. Everyday, my body aches deep down to my bones. Everyday, my restless eyes search for you. Everyday, your laughter rings in my ears….everyday, a hole grows within me, deeper and deeper as I feel helpless and finally start accepting that you’re no more, no matter how much I cry out for you.

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