So much hate, bickering, and anger. I don’t understand. I don’t understand why we let the people closest to our hearts down, why we fight, and why we don’t forgive. Human beings are constantly at war with one another- pointing fingers and bullets toward one another, yelling and screaming. I don’t understand why some hearts are so black, how some hearts can tune one out so easily.
How some hearts can allow one thing to destroy a relationship that took years to build, into crumbles.
I don’t understand why people can’t go above and beyond for the people whom they love- has your ego gotten that important? Has your pride taken over your heart?
Will you shoot and retrieve bullets until the day that that person is no longer and until the day where you’ll be forced to mourn at their graves?
I don’t understand why people toss the word “love” around and then hate so much when the person that they “love” makes a mistake- does one mistake wipe out everything good that that persons ever done to you?
War. Humans are always at war. And too often, we forget how much someone means to us until they are no longer.
Too often do we not realize how much our ego and our pride have taken over us until we are miserable and alone.
Will you try to sing someone’s name once they are long gone?
I don’t see love, symphony, and peace. I see black hearts stabbing one another; I see black hearts thriving off of drama.
I see black hearts growing more and more rotten.
“Me” everyone seems to say. Me. Me. Me. It’s become such a self-centered world where everyone is so “me” driven. When will we truly love and respect eachother. When will we truly look past people’s mistakes and study our own hearts. When will human beings stop pointing fingers; when will human beings stop bickering. Why have we developed into such self-centered monsters.
Why so much hate and toxicity, enough to destroy the world.
Don’t wait until it’s too late; don’t wait until the person whom you’re bickering with is long gone.
Don’t wait until your heart completely rots. Look within yourself and purify your heart. Cleanse it. And forgive, even if you have been treated wrongfully, because I promise you that that person’s heart whom you’re dealing with is probably wretched too.

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